Win-Win Entertainment is Now Arranging "Virtual Visits" for Children’s Hospitals

Calling all Win-Win Entertainers! We’re pivoting :) We’re not going to let the coronavirus stop us from bringing smiles to children who need them. That’s our mission. That’s what we do. So for the time being instead of our regular in-person talent visits to children’s hospitals, we’re arranging “virtual visits.” After testing these virtual visits with several of our hospital partners, we’re rolling them out to our entire performer community.

We invite you to PIVOT with us!

We understand that the entertainment and events communities are being impacted particularly hard by the coronavirus pandemic. We know this is a challenging time for all of our performers. We also know that your talents might not translate immediately or optimally to the Zoom platform, however we’re asking you to please consider adapting. We’re asking you to please consider channeling some of the extra time, energy, and love you may have right now into one of our virtual visits.

Our hospital partners are grateful that we’re continuing to provide entertainment as best we can throughout this difficult time. In accordance with social distancing guidelines, there is ZERO outside programming permitted at hospitals for the time being. Patients are lonelier than ever and looking for distractions. They’re looking for engagement. They’re looking for US. This is our time to step up. Please join us and bring a much-needed smile to a hospitalized child!