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Volunteer Agreement and Acknowledgement

By agreeing to serve as a volunteer for Win-Win Entertainment, Inc. (“Win-Win”), do hereby agree to and acknowledge the following:

  • I am not an employee of Win-Win and I volunteer on behalf of Win-Win without any right to or expectation of wages, employee benefits (including health insurance or retirement), unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, or other compensation or benefits typically provided to employees.
  • Win-Win does not provide liability insurance coverage to me, any performer volunteering on behalf of Win-Win or any charity working with Win-Win.
  • I hereby agree to release and forever waive any claims for indemnity, damages and/or compensation that I may have or come to have against Win-Win related to or arising out of my volunteer activity associated with Win-Win.
  • I will not request any payment from any charity or performer in exchange for or related to my volunteer activity associated with Win-Win.
  • I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner in consideration of the nature or the event and the audience present (e.g. children). This includes serving as a positive ambassador for Win-Win and the community.
  • I agree to show up on time for volunteer activities and follow the reasonable instructions of the volunteer director for the event (or other Win-Win representative).
  • If I am unable to attend an event, will show up late, or will need to leave an event early I will use my best efforts to notify the volunteer director of the situation as soon as possible after I become aware of the potential limitation or restriction of my time.

Do you agree to the Volunteer Agreement and Acknowledgement

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