“During this pandemic, our method of play and what we do within the scope of child life was drastically impacted. Luckily, we have Zoom and incredible nonprofits like Win-Win Entertainment that have allowed to us to continue our role and try to bring as much joy and distraction as we can to our patients. We are still able to provide events, entertainment, laughter and normalcy through this platform. Win-Win Entertainment stepped up to the plate as one of our first Zoom shows, and have diverted us as they always do. We are so thankful for their flexibility, talent and loyalty to our facility. Win-Win Entertainers are incredible and they continue to amaze our patients and staff with their talents. Thank you for everything you are doing for our patients, staff and families, we are grateful.”
Nussi Afroz, MBA
Special Events and Donation Coordinator, AdventHealth for Children
“Being in the hospital is never easy for any kiddo, but it’s particularly difficult now with the current pandemic and limitations on our visitors. Having the opportunity to have virtual visits with Win-Win Entertainment allows patients to have a sense of normalcy in the hospital environment, staying connected to the community, and brings excitement to their day. Our patients absolutely love these virtual visits and always look forward to seeing what fun performers Win-Win has to offer! We are so thankful we can team up with Win-Win to provide this experience for our patients.”
Danielle Goupille
Certified Child Life Specialist, Children’s Medical Center at Summerlin Hospital
"Win Win entertainment has been phenomenal! They have provided some really awesome magicians to perform inside our Seacrest studios radio station. If patients weren't able to make it to see the live performance they saw it through the tv's in their rooms. They also provided some one-on-one bedsides! It has been an incredible distraction for our patients and they love learning from these awesome performers. Thanks for coming and cheering up our kids!! We truly appreciate it."
Amber Chavez
Special Programs Coordinator, Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)

"We are grateful to partner with Win-Win Entertainment to provide professional entertainment to patients and families at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The interactive experience is full of laughter, fun, and excitement that is meaningful for all involved. WIN-WIN!"
Stephanie Smith, MA, CCLS
Zone Coordinator, Child Life Zone, Phoenix Children’s Hospital
"Win-Win Entertainment brings a spark of joy to children in the hospital with their unique performers!”
Brittany Best
Child Life Specialist, Renown Children’s Hospital
"With the ever-evolving COVID-19 precautions, the studio team is so happy to work with amazing organizations like Win-Win Entertainment so our patients can families experience programming that they may not have necessarily received otherwise. The performers always bring such positivity, light and radiating energy to each of their shows which increases our patient participation and interaction on inpatient units. We’re so lucky that our patients get to experience such an uplifting and encouraging organization like Win-Win!”
Nichole Mondshein & Becca Wagner
Studio Media Specialists, Seacrest Studios, Children’s National Medical Center